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Cultural Assessment and Strategic Plan Development... Leads to Zero Safety Defects

Updated: Nov 27, 2017

Are you interested in systematically changing your safety culture from reactive (firefighting) and dependent (it’s the safety person’s responsibility) to interdependent whereas employees actively care and lead your safety programs)? 

This change is much easier than one might think, once you are professionally trained, understand, and apply the elements of a cultural change.  During this Cultural Assessment process, a professional safety consultant will lead your site through the elements as follows:

1.   On-site: Comprehensive Review and Cultural Assessment to ascertain the current workforce’s safety culture and practices as compared to leadership’s philosophy, objectives, and commitment; this includes a brief review of compliance gaps, if identified during site tours; typically, 4 days on-site

2.   Off-site: Development of a final report and Strategic Plan from the Comprehensive Review and Cultural Assessment. The Strategic Plan includes prioritized steps (with options) for meeting the site’s Leadership’s target of zero defects regarding employee and contractor Health & Safety programs

3.   On-site: Follow-up with the site’s Leadership Team and provide a detailed overview of the final report and Strategic Plan. Consultant will work one-on-one with the site’s Safety Leader to build capability with the Strategic Plan prioritized steps; 4 days on-site

The expected results of the above elements (once executed) will provide the site a clear and concise path to obtaining and sustaining an interdependent safety culture leading directly to a significant reduction of: 

1) injuries/illnesses

2) worker’s compensation costs

3) disability claims

4) days away from work

5) restricted duty  

6) business interruption  

7) firefighting - reactive activities wasting valuable resources

For more information on Cultural Assessments, Strategic Planning, and obtaining and sustaining an interdependent safety culture, please contact us at: 706-594-1660


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