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Health & Safety at Work and Home

Updated: Nov 27, 2017

While we are at home, we spend a majority of our time coaching, mentoring, and teaching our children to live healthy and safe lives, regardless of their age. We do everything we can to protect our family members and ensure their well-being and safety. Not a day goes by without us intervening in their lives to make a correction in their behavior to ensure they remain healthy and do not get injured.

Question is, while at work, do we have the same intensity for actively caring for our employees and colleagues? If your honest with yourself, the people we spend the majority of our daily time with are employees and colleagues at our workplace. Do we apply the same level of coaching, teaching, and mentoring at work? Do we intervene, in a positive manner, and offer corrective actions to keep employees and colleagues healthy and safe? Do your employees and colleagues observe your actions as confirming evidence that you care about them and are trying to protect them? Do you have the skill sets that allow you to actively care for employees and colleagues?

If you would like further information on perfecting these skill sets for your workplace, please contact us at: Strategic Safety & Environmental Solutions LLC | 706-594-1660 | moore.wc@s2esllc.com


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