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Strategic Planning - Critically Important for A Site’s Safety Program

When we finally get a chance to schedule vacation time (away from work), we excitedly start planning the family’s summer vacation. We have seen the pictures of cool places our family members, friends and colleagues have been going - as we keep a close eye on the social media postings. In some cases, we might be envious of the seemingly perfect vacation pictures being posted by others. Since we do not get vacation day opportunities very often, we want to ensure our vacation is strategically planned.

We spend an enormous amount of time searching the web to identify vacation destination options, discussing each option with the family, selecting the optimum destination, and then carefully planning the travel, hotels, excursions, and best of all – the restaurants. Many hours of our hard work go into planning our perfect family vacation. The rewards for this hard work in planning are immediately evident as we arrive at the vacation destination and all the stress

from our work soon disappears.

Question is, do we apply the same level of Strategic Planning for our work Safety Program as we do with our precious vacation time?

The most critically important tool available for a site’s Leadership Team and the Safety Professionals is a Strategic Plan. This plan must be dynamic (constantly changing for progress) that is carefully maintained and communicated. In concept, it really is no different than what we accomplished to plan that perfect vacation with our family.

The Strategic Plan should be initiated by the site’s Safety Professional. The elements and actions of the plan should be identified, selected, and prioritized by a safety committee and finally the plan must be approved by the site’s Leadership Team. The strategic plan provides a clear road map from where you are now to where you want to be. This is your road map for reducing injuries and assists you in your journey

to achieving zero safety defects.

It is important to understand that the Strategic Plan details:

· What you want to accomplish (elements)

· How to implement the work (actions)

· When to do it (timing)

· Who is responsible (and held accountable) for each of the actions

This plan should be reviewed monthly by the site’s Leadership Team members. When assigning responsibility, ensure that actions are filtered down to department level action plans. Steer clear of assuming the Safety Professional is solely responsible for the elements and actions of this plan.

A Strategic Plan will set your site up for success with a clear road map along your journey to achieving zero defects.

For more information on how to develop and implement your site’s Strategic Plan, contact Billy Moore at 706-594-1660 and/or visit our website at www.strategicsafetyenvironmental.com/


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